Meet Dr. James Cruz

Meet James Cruz, DDS in Waltham

Background and Credentials

Dr. James Cruz got his degree in dentistry from Tufts University in Boston, where he developed a treatment style centered around patient education and treating the person, not just the tooth. After practicing in the beautiful Berkshires, he joined The Flossery team to practice functional and prevention focused dentistry. Dr. Cruz believes that treatment should match a patient's individual needs, and help them get closer to the lifestyle they want. Prior to dentistry, Dr. Cruz was a health educator in the Peace Corps, where he served a two-year stint in Cambodia. He uses the lessons he learned there every day in the clinic to educate and empower patients in a calm and supportive manner. During his free time. Dr. Cruz enjoys cooking, hiking up mountains, and boxing drills. He is also a big Formula 1 fan!

Ten Facts about me:

  • I was in the Peace Corps, and speak Khmer, the language of Cambodia.
  • I love farmers markets, and sometimes use my Khmer to get a discount.
  • I have a 10 lb mini-poodle mix named Taro, he comes to the office once a month to help anxious patients.
  • I was born in West Virginia. "Country Roads" was the first song I learned on guitar.
  • I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona
  • My favorite candy is Reese’s cups. I don’t eat them too often though!
  • I have flossed every day, without fail, since age 16.
  • I believe that compassion is the most important part of being a dentist.
  • I am specifically trained in using plain language — I want every patient to understand their health.
  • I always have homemade kimchi in my fridge.