Premium Membership

Finally, dental care the way it should be. At The Flossery, we are focused on your long term health while providing a comfortable and personalized experience. As a Premium Flossery member, your benefits include:

  • No waiting time, you are the only client during your scheduled appointment
  • Priority appointments
  • Ozone treatment with your recall appointment
  • Salivary diagnostics to assess oral health and disease risk
  • One-on-one oral home care consultation with our holistic care expert Dr. Yasmin Chebbi
  • Comfort amenities during your visit
  • Direct access communication with your doctor
  • Special pricing on our full line of prevention and home care offerings
  • Rewards program for optimal oral health

Call The Flossery at 781-894-0500 or fill out our contact form to enroll in our Premium Membership today.