Flossery Functional Package

How do we incorporate functional dentistry?

At The Flossery, we are passionate about the mouth body connection. We understand that the mouth is linked to the body and a thorough look at oral health is important for a healthy body.

We also believe in finding the root cause of your problem. Our team is up to date on the latest dental research to serve you with a minimally invasive, yet comprehensive approach focused on prevention. Our goal is to help you avoid future dental issues. Our advice goes beyond brushing and flossing and avoiding sugar. We understand that root cause prevention goes deeper, looking at whole body health, vitamin levels, airway, occlusion and much more.

When is comes to treatment, we have researched the best techniques and materials to keep you healthy. This includes BPA-free fillings, ceramic implants, ozone, regenerative endodontics, and laser therapy.

You could benefit from The Flossery’s functional approach if:

  • Are you frustrated by always experiencing the same problem repeatedly?
  • Do you get the same news of cavities at every dental exam appointment?
  • Do you have a hard time getting your gum disease under control?
  • Do you have a filling that keeps falling out?
  • Your teeth shifted after braces or orthodontics.
  • You grind your teeth at night.

We can help with all of this! At The Flossery, we empower you with the knowledge and the tools to prevent oral health issues. We look forward to serving you in our functional and integrative approach.

Taking your oral health to the next level and delve deep to find the root cause of your illness

  • Oral microbiome testing (includes inflammation markers and presence of disease-causing bacteria)

  • Sleep testing to assess sleep health (related to oral health!)

  • 3D CBCT scan to analyze any bone and root infections

  • Oral cancer screening with Velscope luminescence

  • Vitamin D testing

  • HBA1C testing

  • In depth review of results and supplementation guidance with our doctors

  • Signed copy of Dr. Yasmin Chebbi’s book Eat, Sleep, Breathe Oral Health: why your mouth matters

  • Welcome gift package of our favorite recommended oral care products

  • Full lab testing of recommended vitamin, hormone, and toxicology levels*

These services are also available individually, ask our team for more information!