Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Release

At The Flossery, we recognize the multifaceted impact that tongue tie can have on various aspects of life. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a transformative solution that addresses a wide spectrum of challenges, promoting overall health and well-being. With our comprehensive and advanced tongue tie release procedure, utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, we aim to make the experience quick and virtually painless. Furthermore, our commitment to your success extends beyond the procedure, with pre and post-operative exercises designed to guide you and your child through the journey for increased success.

Understanding Tongue Tie:

Tongue tie, or ankyloglossia, is a condition where the lingual frenulum beneath the tongue is shorter than normal, limiting its range of motion. This condition can manifest in various ways, affecting individuals from infancy to adulthood.

Common Signs of Tongue Tie:

In Infants:

  • Difficulty latching onto the breast

  • Shallow latch during breastfeeding

  • Fussiness or frustration during feeding

  • Prolonged feeds or frequent feeding

  • Choking when feeding

  • Insufficient weight gain

  • Gassy or colic

  • Painful breastfeeding for mother and poor breast drainage

  • Loud breathing and snoring

In Children:

  • Speech delays or articulation issues

  • Difficulty moving the tongue side to side

  • Challenges with licking or moving the tongue out of the mouth

  • Difficulty eating certain textured foods just as meat and mashed potatoes

  • Persistent issues with dribbling or drooling

  • Picky eating or slow eating

  • Hyperactivity

  • Snoring

In Adults:

  • Difficulty with certain speech sounds or pronunciation

  • Challenges with tongue mobility during oral activities

  • Jaw tension or discomfort

  • Chronic headaches or neck pain

  • Difficulty with certain dental or orthodontic procedures

  • Stutter when speaking

Comprehensive Benefits of Tongue Tie Release:

1. Improved Breastfeeding:
For infants, tongue tie can hinder breastfeeding, causing frustration and discomfort for both the baby and mother. By releasing the tongue tie with our advanced laser technology, we strive to achieve a better latch, making breastfeeding a more comfortable and efficient experience.

2. Enhanced Growth and Development:
Tongue tie release can positively impact overall growth and development in infants and children. Improved feeding, better sleep, and reduced discomfort contribute to a healthier and more robust developmental trajectory.

3. Improved Sleep:
Tongue tie can contribute to poor sleep quality, as restricted tongue movement may lead to breathing difficulties, snoring, or even sleep apnea. By utilizing our advanced laser technology for quick and virtually painless release, we aim to improve airflow and alleviate potential sleep-related issues, promoting a restful night's sleep.

4. Enhanced Breathing:
Individuals with tongue tie may experience difficulties in nasal breathing. Our advanced laser technology for tongue tie release can contribute to improved nasal airflow, allowing for more efficient and natural breathing patterns. This can have positive effects on overall respiratory health and well-being.

5. Speech Improvement and Stutter Reduction:
For some individuals, tongue tie can contribute to speech impediments, including stuttering and trouble pronouncing certain sounds. Releasing the tongue tie with our advanced laser technology can enhance tongue mobility, potentially reducing stuttering and improving overall speech fluency.

6. Gag Reflex Improvement:
A hypersensitive gag reflex can be a source of discomfort during dental procedures or everyday activities. Tongue tie release with our advanced laser technology may contribute to a reduction in the gag reflex, making various activities more comfortable and less stressful.

7. Alleviation of Tension-Related Discomfort:
Tongue tie can contribute to tension in the jaw, neck, and shoulders due to compensatory movements. Releasing the tongue tie with our advanced laser technology can alleviate this tension, potentially reducing discomfort and promoting a more relaxed state.

Pre and Post-Operative Exercises:

At The Flossery, we provide comprehensive support through pre and post-operative exercises. These exercises are designed to guide both you and your child through the procedure and recovery process, maximizing the success of the tongue tie release. Our team will ensure that you are well-informed and confident in performing these exercises, contributing to the overall success of the treatment.

At The Flossery, we offer a comprehensive and advanced approach to tongue tie release, utilizing cutting-edge laser technology. Our procedure is quick and virtually painless, and our commitment to your success extends beyond the procedure with personalized pre and post-operative exercises.

Choosing tongue tie release at The Flossery extends beyond addressing conventional issues. Experience the transformative benefits of increased tongue mobility, improved breastfeeding, enhanced growth and development, better sleep, improved breathing, reduced stuttering, and a more comfortable gag reflex. Take the first step towards a healthier, more harmonious life by scheduling a consultation with us today. Your journey to comprehensive well-being starts at The Flossery, where advanced technology meets compassionate care, supported by pre and post-operative exercises for an increased likelihood of success.

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