SMART Amalgam Filling Removal in Waltham

SMART Amalgam Filling Removal Waltham

Many patients choose to remove their old amalgam fillings for esthetic or safety reasons. At The Flossery, we offer a safe protocol for the removal of amalgam fillings that contain mercury.

It is known as SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique). Our SMART protocol is designed to keep you safe during the removal of amalgam fillings. Here are some examples of the many protocols we have in place to ensure a safe and healthy visit.

Our dental rooms are equipped with:

  • An air purifier
  • High speed extra oral vacuum
  • Specific wipes and sanitizing protocols for mercury removal

Patients are given:

  • A disposable gown
  • Shower cap to cover the hair
  • Face covering
  • Charcoal tablets and rinses
  • High quality take home supplementation for detoxification
  • Guidance on how to best help your body heal after amalgam removals

In our commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized care, we go above and beyond by offering a specialized service that includes the use of special, high quality supplements to support the detoxification process after amalgam removal. Our focus extends beyond the dental procedure itself, as we understand the importance of addressing potential concerns related to mercury exposure. These supplements are chosen with careful consideration for their potential benefits in supporting the body's natural detoxification pathways. At The Flossery in Waltham, we take pride in being the sole providers in the area to offer such meticulous attention to detail in our approach to amalgam removal. We believe that this additional service reflects our dedication to the well-being of our patients, ensuring a holistic and tailored experience that prioritizes both oral health and overall wellness.

How it Works?

A rubber dam will be placed over the tooth and the amalgam filling will be removed with precision and care.

After the removal process and before the filling process, patients rinse with a binding charcoal rinse. All of our equipment is wiped with special mercury binding wipes and gloves are changed to avoid any cross contamination. Once the amalgam is removed, the tooth will be restored with a biocompatible, resin, tooth colored filling.

Our SMART removal process is per tooth. Our SMART certified doctors will go over a treatment plan with you and discuss how many sessions are needed since it is not advisable to remove too many amalgam fillings at one time. Our expert financial and insurance coordinators can discuss payment and insurance options with you as well.

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