dental implant

Dental Implant Near Me, Waltham MA

Dental implants are now able to replace missing teeth more easily than ever. Implants are healthier and more durable than other solutions to replace missing teeth. They can help one chew, talk, and smile with more confidence.

Our team of experts at The Flossery in Waltham, MA, provide patients with solutions that look and function just as their natural teeth once did. If you are tired of living with missing teeth or dentures that do not fit right, we can help transform your smile and your life!

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Unlike dentures, implants do not place pressure on surrounding teeth and are not removable
  • Unlike bridges, implants do not need to cut down surrounding teeth, and can be flossed easily.
  • Implants help restore a smile for proper chewing, talking and smiling.
  • Implants are natural looking, and can mimic natural teeth.

Waltham area patients who are ready to learn more about dental implants can call us to request a consultation appointment.