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Holistic Dentist FAQs | Waltham MA

What Does a Holistic Dentist Do?

Holistic dentists focus on dental cleanings and educate their patients on the importance of personal oral hygiene. Unlike regular dentists, holistic dentists do not fancy fluoride treatments. They are also against the use of amalgam materials for dental implants.

What Kind of Unique Procedures Do Holistic Dentists Offer?

At our practice, one of our most common procedures is the careful removal and replacement of amalgam, silver fillings. Nevertheless, our holistic dentists also offer the following services: Natural dental cleanings without the use of fluoride, Dental fillings that are metal-free and BPA-free, IV therapy, nutritional tips, crown replacement using metal-free constituents, metal-free dental bridges.

What Do Holistic Dentists Use for Fillings?

Holistic dentists dislike the use of harmful materials, so they prefer alternatives to things like mercury amalgam silver fillings. Research has proven that these fillings can have disastrous effects on patient health, such as the build-up of bacteria all over decaying fillings, sensitivity, and deterioration of the teeth. Our dedicated team suggests replacing them with modern composite fillings.

What Happens On My First Visit with a Holistic Dentist?

Like general dentists, you will have to schedule an appointment and be seen at your scheduled appointment time. Your first visit to our practice will be diagnostic, which will give us enough time to develop the best treatment plan. Our dentists ask you to bring your medical records and spend some time listing a short description of your health problems and crucial life events on paper. This information will be kept private between you and our specialist.

How Do Holistic Dentists Treat Root Canals?

Root canals are one area where you will observe a vital difference. Our holistic dentists treat root canals with utmost caution and consciousness because we understand that 100% sterilization of the root canal is almost impossible to achieve. Our experts also avoid some sterilization chemicals such as formaldehyde because of their toxicity.