Meet Dr. Claudia Santander

Meet Claudia Santander, DDS in Waltham

Background and Credentials

Dr. Claudia Santander was born in Cuba, where she earned her dental degree in Havana in 2006. She completed a master’s in dental emergencies and worked as a clinical instructor at the University of Medical Science of Havana. After moving to the USA, she graduated with High Honors from Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Santander has experience in restorative dentistry, including root canals. A personalized relationship with her patients is essential, she creates a genuine connection and provides them with the excellent, individualized care they need. She always emphasizes that dental treatment should be done in teamwork with the patient with empathy as a keyword. Focused on prevention and educating patients on dental health as part of the whole body’s integrity, she is constantly improving her knowledge, and learning new techniques to give the best experience to her patients.

Ten Facts about Claudia Santander:

  • I am half Cuban and half Chilean.
  • Most of the time I have on my night table a dentistry-related article to read before sleeping.
  • I love to travel and learn from different cultures and try the food.
  • Reading a book in a quiet place is therapy for me.
  • So is dancing!
  • Since I was a little girl, I can’t fall asleep without brushing my teeth.
  • I love to sew my own clothes and make my own body creams.
  • Empathy and Tolerance are my favorite words.
  • I am addicted to dark chocolate!
  • Outdoor activities with family and friends are the best plan for weekends.