Oral Health Program for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Head and neck radiation is a common and important therapy for cancers of the head and neck region. Unfortunately, this powerful treatment that kills cancer cells can also harm the cell in the mouth and oral cavity. This can cause abrupt and significant deterioration of the tissues in the mouth.

Oral consequences of head and neck radiation include a very dry mouth, harming of the salivary glands, osteonecrosis of the jaw bone, and an extremely high risk of cavities.

At The Flossery in Waltham, we work with your doctor on the links between the mouth and the body. Our special oral health program for head and neck radiation has been uniquely designed to support your oral health during your radiation treatment.

Our program includes:

  • A thorough exam and risk assessment of teeth needing treatment before head and neck radiation

  • Custom made trays to administer teeth-strengthening products

  • In depth and comprehensive dry mouth support including guidance on best products and lifestyle modifications

  • Supplementation support for jaw bone health and strength

  • Minimally invasive treatment options if dental care is needed during radiation treatment

We understand that a cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatment is a very trying time for patients. Our promise to your patients is to treat you with care and empathy during these difficult moments. Our concierge approach to oral care promises non-rushed appointments and a thorough explanation of care.

Prevention is always best. At The Flossery, we can give you the tools to reduce the consequences of radiation teherapy on your oral health.

Head/Neck Cancer Patients Waltham