Ozone is a beneficial adjunct to dental treatment due to its strong antibacterial and wound healing capabilities.

At The Flossery, ozone treatments are used to disinfect and clean the infected and bacteria-filled areas of disease in the mouth.

Ozone therapy is a wonderful complement to our holistic dental care, accelerating healing and improving oral health.

At The Flossery, ozone therapy can be used to:

    Disinfect the surface area of teeth before completing fillings, crowns, and restorations
  • Clean the bone after an extraction
  • Desentize sensitive teeth
  • Remove harmful gum bacteria after a hygiene appointment or a deep cleaning
  • Accelerate the healing of a dental abscess
  • Kill the bacteria, fungus, virus, and parasites that can hide around the root of the tooth during a root canal
  • and much more

Call The Flossery at 781-894-0500 to inquire if you are a candidate for ozone with your dental treatments.