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Sleep Apnea Dentist Waltham

Are you:

Feeling tired? Waking up with headaches? Wish you had more energy? Feel like you could feel better but you don't know why?

Do you:

Snore, grind your teeth at night, or breathe through your mouth? Have sleep apnea but hate the CPAP? Have medication resistant high blood pressure? Wish you could have more energy to do the things you love?

We can help!

Why choose us?

1. We understand that good sleep and good breathing are multifactorial. We go above and beyond dental treatments for sleep apnea. Included in your treatments are concierge services to help you breathe better, sleep better, and feel more rested. Services include Vitamin D testing, sleep hygiene coaching, take home sleep testing, and myofunctional therapy.

2. We offer virtual consultations, making initial appointments easy from the comfort of your own home.

3. We carefully review all of your goals and findings to provide a customized breathing plan to help you achieve your goals.

4. We come recommended by doctors. Dr. Yasmin Chebbi is a diplomate of the Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, the gold standard in dental sleep medicine. She has extensive training in Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ, having taken well over 500 hours of continuing education in these fields, and continues to average 50 hours annually.

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Our treatment options include:

1. Tailored Oral Appliances for Maximum Comfort: Our dental office excels in crafting oral appliances that prioritize both effectiveness and comfort. Whether it's mandibular advancement devices ensure that you experience relief from sleep apnea symptoms without compromising your comfort. Our personalized approach guarantees a good night's sleep that feels as good as it is effective. Oral appliances are FDA approved and, compared to the CPAP, are discreet, require no hose, no water, and no electricity.

2. Orthodontics for Airway Improvement: Orthodontic treatments at our office extend beyond conventional correction to embrace the gentle touch that can alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. By addressing misalignments in the teeth and jaw through clear aligners and expanders we aim to create an unobstructed airway, fostering improved breathing and restful sleep.

3. Tongue-Tie Release for Enhanced Breathing: Recognizing the role of tongue ties in contributing to sleep apnea, our dental office offers tongue-tie release procedures. By releasing restrictive tissues, we aim to improve tongue mobility and reduce potential obstructions, promoting smoother airflow during sleep. This additional service adds a crucial dimension to our comprehensive approach to sleep apnea relief.

4. Myofunctional Therapy for Sustainable Improvement: To complement our services, our dental office provides myofunctional therapy – a holistic approach to retraining oral and facial muscles. This therapy aims to correct improper muscle function, contributing to improved breathing patterns and reduced sleep apnea symptoms. By incorporating myofunctional therapy into our offerings, we provide a sustainable path to long-term relief. Research has shown that myofunctional therapy can improve snoring and apnea up to 50% in adults.

5. Collaborative Care for Holistic Symptom Relief: Our commitment to your well-being extends to collaborative care with sleep specialists. Working in tandem with experts, we ensure a holistic approach to symptom relief. This collaborative effort combines dental interventions with insights from sleep studies to develop personalized treatment plans that go beyond mechanics to address the root causes of sleep apnea.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, seeking a diagnosis and treatment could not just help you get a better night’s sleep, but also save your life! If you're seeking a holistic approach to sleep apnea relief, our dental office is here to guide you on your journey to breathing easy and enjoying restful nights.

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