amalgam fillings removal

Amalgam Filling Removal Near Me, Waltham MA

A lot of people with amalgam fillings consider having them taken out and replaced with a polymeric resin or ceramic. It’s not always essential to take out amalgam fillings, but there are appropriate reasons to do so in some situations. At our practice, our experienced team will diagnose your condition and determine the best way to remove your amalgam filling.

What are Dental Amalgams?

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metal alloy and liquid mercury used by dentists to fill cavities caused by tooth deterioration. Here are some benefits of amalgam filling removal

  • The procedure helps to avoid more mercury exposure.
  • The procedure helps to replace silver fillings with natural-looking composites that offer a better aesthetic.
  • The procedure helps to safeguard your body and mouth from dangerous chemicals.

Procedure for Amalgam Filling Removal

Our team of experts starts by giving you a slurry of activated charcoal and chlorella. You will wear a nasal mask to deliver air to breathe through the nose. Our experienced team then place a saliva ejector under the dental dam to decrease your mercury exposure. We then place and seal a nonlatex dental dam over your mouth. 

Furthermore, our trusted team will place a head, neck, and face barrier around and under the dental dam. 2-4 inches from your mouth, a high-volume air filtration system is used to decrease mercury exposure. Our specialist jets a large quantity of water onto the filling to decrease heat during removal to decrease surrounding mercury levels. We use a formal high-speed evacuation device to capture mercury discharge during the removal. 

Also, our specialist uses a small diameter carbide drill to section the mercury amalgam into small chunks. The bigger the chunks taken out, the fewer mercury gas. After the removal, your mouth will be thoroughly rinsed with water. In most cases, we will give you another slurry of activated charcoal and chlorella.

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